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Whatcott trial update

Dear Friends, Yesterday, my trial finally began. Other than an autistic friend of mine getting thrown out of the courtroom for not wearing a mask (my friend actually does have a medical exemption) the drama was minimal. Most of the first day was watching my interview with the two Toronto police officers who flew outContinue reading “Whatcott trial update”

Whatcott “Hate Crime” Trial and Wuhan Virus Tyranny Update

Dear Friends, The past week in Toronto has been quite surreal. While awaiting trial for my ministry to the Toronto Homosexual Pride parade in 2016, I overnight became a citizen who is now legally unable to participate in many activities that were once taken for granted. Ontario’s so-called vaccine passport is now in effect. IContinue reading “Whatcott “Hate Crime” Trial and Wuhan Virus Tyranny Update”

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